Month: October 2008

Japanese SNS Site Mixi Releases Chinese Language Version

I will be pleasantly surprised if Mixi gets any traction in China. China already has a competitive market for social networks and it’s not clear what benefit there will be in using an SNS that is popular in Japan (considering

Boo hoo!

Via the angrymoose: Business Yahoo! Boo hoo! Oct 16th 2008 | TOKYO From The Economist print editionMore bad news for the struggling internet giant, this time from Japan The brightest treasure in Yahoo!’s empire has long been its Japanese arm,

Jay Leno on sizing helmets

Jay Leno and Bruce Porter of Arai USA on sizing helmets. Most people are not wearing the right sized helmets.

Palin as president

Why is everyone saying “fail” all of a sudden?

Japanese video game mistranslations are responsible for the FAIL meme. It’s nearly impossible to pinpoint the first reference, given how common the verb fail is, but online commenters suggest it started with a 1998 Neo Geo arcade game called Blazing