Month: October 2008

Court Greatly Limits Software And Business Method Patents

Very important news. Some sanity returning to the courts just as we get ready to kick Dubya out the back door. This ruling will, however, send serious shockwaves through pretty much every industry — because software and business method patents

promoting iPhone in Japan

Softbank’s comic commercials to promote their mobile service are now promoting the iPhone in Japan with Aya Ueto and Dante Carver and the rest of the White Family clan. More background on this series here: Shiba SoftBank Ads – Part

Krugman on Charlie Rose

A conversation with Paul Krugman 2008 Nobel Prize Winner, Economics

the New York Times endorses Obama

As do I. The United States is battered and drifting after eight years of President Bush’s failed leadership. He is saddling his successor with two wars, a scarred global image and a government systematically stripped of its ability to protect

Nissan GT-R documentary by National Geographic

National Geographic documentary of the development of the new GT-R.