2008 Web 2.0 Expo Japan – Cancelled

CMP Media Japan recently announced that a number of keynote speakers for the upcoming Web 2.0 Expo Japan have canceled and thus they are forced to cancel the event. This is unfortunate but not surprising. From the beginning, CMP Japan targeted the enterprise market in Japan, but that was a mis-match with the Web 2.0 core target audience, which is consumer-focused. 2007’s Web 2.0 Expo Japan saw no participation from Google or Yahoo!, or Mixi or Kakaku or any of the key businesses in Japan who are working on consumer Web 2.0 services. Look at the list of businesses sponsoring the Web 2.0 Expo Japan in 2007. How many of those are what you would consider “Web 2.0?”
It is disappointing that this “premier” “Web 2.0” event in Japan is not going to happen, but in reality, I say good riddance. If Tokyo can support a real Web 2.0 event, then make it a real next-web conference.
This also means more attention to Open Web Asia or Web Directions East, which should be a much better “web” conference than the failed Web 2.0 Expo would have been.