Month: March 2008

Trend Micro website hacked

Asiajin reports that anti-virus software vendor, Trend Micro’s website was hacked recently, and the hackers were then serving various viruses for 3 (!!!) days, March 9-12th) from the Trend Micro website. There’s a statement on the Japanese website but no

Katz on the potential of Japanese economic reform

Richard Katz of The Oriental Economist has a very good op-ed in the WSJ, Japan’s Stress Test, on the topic of the challenges facing Japanese economic reform. Katz summarizes his points in a recent post to NBR. To quickly summarize

Yahoo! Dethroned in Taiwan now #1 site (by traffic) in Taiwan. If the reported purchase price is true, it was a very good purchase. was ranked the top Web site in Taiwan in a top-100 list tabulated by Business Next, a local


WWNPHD, originally uploaded by the sweetchuck. Awesome!

Mark Pesce on the networked public

Mark Pesce (Wikipedia) has moved to Australia and is running a consultancy called Future Street Consulting. Pesce has a great blog post on his site, That Business Conversation, talking about stuff we know and use every day, Craig’s List, Trip