Month: March 2008

Long Duk Dong: Last of the Hollywood Stereotypes?

NPR on Gedde Watanabe and Sixteen Candles. I am definitely among those who always winced at Watanabe’s role in Sixteen Candles. It’s amazing to think that the actor, a) does not speak Japanese, and b) had no idea how his

Red Sox vs. Hanshin Tigers

Stephen O’Grady will be very jealous. I get to see the Sox vs. the Hanshin Tigers here at the Tokyo Dome today thanks to a good friend.

this week went by too fast

Some links of note… What I Learned at (Mashup) Camp: There was one common denominator, however: JavaScript. Nearly everyone was using it in some capacity, and one or two applications were nearly 100% JavaScript. Apple pushing Safari downloads on Windows

Gyao vs. magibon

Gyao, a subsidiary of Japanese broadband ISP Usen, looks to be jumping on the YouTube bandwagon. magibon is the faux-Japanese lonelygirl15, who has a huge following (many of her short videos have over 1 million views on YouTube) among otaku

Firefox as a platform

I don’t write about my work at Mozilla on this blog as I have another blog (with comments that work) where I post all of my Mozilla-related information. However, this recent article with Mozila CEO, John Lilly, Forget Facebook. The