Month: February 2008

rap represented in mathematical charts and graphs

rap represented in mathematical charts and graphs Click graphs for related music videos…

bangkok traffic on twitter

bangkok traffic on twitter, originally uploaded by *keng. “follow bangkoktraffic [on twitter] to get the most latest high traffic jam info.” Insane use of Twitter…

Italian farmers pin beef hopes on Japanese cows – Yahoo! News

Having spent a decent amount of time enjoying the cuisine of both Italy and Japan, this is good news! A farm near Milan is raising Japanese Wagyu cows to woo meat-loving Italians with the world’s most expensive Kobe steaks. The

no comparison

Steve Lohr of the New York Times would have us believe that there are lessons to be learned from Japan’s decade+ recession [From Japan’s Slump in 1990s, Lessons for U.S.] but I know that Richard Katz of the Oriental Economist

2 recessions, 3 recessions, who’s counting?

More good news on the healthy Japanese economy from Takehiro Sato of Morgan Stanley: Be Prepared for Dual Recession Stuff like this is always great to start the day with: The risk of dual recession is mounting. Our US economics