New design; still work to do

As you can see, I’ve finally fully upgraded to MT 4.01 with a new design. My old weblog design was many years old and with the help of a good friend (thank you BA!) I’m finally in 2008.
My comments should be working as well (although I’m still getting a lot of comment spam and I may need to turn off anonymous comments if I can’t fix this) so please test my comments.

6 comments on “New design; still work to do
  1. Joseph says:

    I for one welcome the new gradient header overlords.

  2. Kokochi says:

    Yay! The comments work! : )

  3. matt says:

    Congrats and a great start to the year!

  4. congrats on the new blog!
    couple tips (if I may)
    I would get rid of that huge list of monthly archive (or at least lay it out in a more compact format) and I would add the TAB Badge back. 😉
    Comment Season has open again! yay!

  5. gen testing says:

    testing by gen

  6. You’re welcome, Gen. 🙂