Month: January 2008

new Milton Jackson mix

For those of you who like deep house, please enjoy this new mix, Milton Jackson Feb 08 60 minute mix (Part1), by Milton Jackson. Attias – Aquilo No Logo – Dark Star (Francois Dubois Mix) Marcel Wave – 71 Aldie

Carry On Wayward Son (Electone version)

Amazing. 10 year old girl on an Electone rips Carry On Wayward Son. (Original Kansas video for reference.)

Japan virtually absent

From Robert Alan Feldman of Morgan Stanley: Museum Piece: Japan at Macro Vision During client visits in the US last week and at the formal session of Macro Vision (Morgan Stanley’s annual conference in New York on the global macroeconomic

Shibuya-kei is dead; long live Akiba-kei

David Marx has a great post up on the Clast blog, Shibuya-kei vs. Akiba-kei, where Marx not only explains the two subcultures but also explains why Akiba-kei is the dominant subculture of today’s Japan. In the end, the Akiba-kei subculture

Wendys Menu Board Running On Firefox

Wendys Menu Board Running On Firefox, originally uploaded by The Joy Of The Mundane. I wonder if the Wendy’s in Japan run Firefox…