Year: 2008

Esther Dyson on Google vs. Yandex

Esther Dyson on Google (vs. Yandex) and her preference of market forces for regulation of information on the Internet: Big Brother Google? As it happens, I have a complex relationship with Google. I have fed at its trough many times

mishandled from day 1

Reuters: Japanese group asks Google to stop map serviceAFP: Japanese seek to scrap Google’s Street View Best read is this one- SearchEngineLand: Japanese Lawyers, Professors Try To Block StreetView

2008 – Change and Japanese Politics

If you read only one article on Japanese politics this year, make it Tobias Harris‘ overview of 2008 at N√©ojaponisme 2008: Change and Politics One way or another, Japan needs political change. The latest economic downturn will only exacerbate the

gree IPO

Japan’s second largest SNS, Gree, has IPOed, at 4800 yen for a total market cap of $1.2 billion with a b dollars (on annual profits of $10 million?!?!) I have a gree account, have had one for a while.  I’m

How to save Detroit

Barry Ritholtz is awesome. How to Save Detroit | The Big Picture