Year: 2007

The significance of Google’s Android

This is more than a week old but highly readable. All-in-all, Android seems to be the only non-proprietary operating system with a strong chance of wider commercial adoption. Motorola is losing interest in LiMo (it committed to Qtopia APIs, whereas

Why China cracked down on my nonprofit

Sad but not surprising. In any case, the decision to bar me is a grim reflection on China’s concept of security. I have consistently argued that China has a right to develop and that the West has a duty to

Why Apple Isn’t Japanese

Christian Caryl has an excellent article in Newsweek, Why Apple Isn’t Japanese, looking at the challenges Japanese businesses (specifically in manufacturing and high-tech) in the coming decades. I talk about these trends often and Caryl’s article provides a great overview

Michelin Guide Tokyo list

I have only thumbed through a friend’s copy of the recently released (and now sold out) Michelin Guide Tokyo. I have only been to a handful of the restaurants in the guide (maybe 5-7 of the 1 stars.) It is

hunting wild boar with a can of spray-paint from the back of a pickup truck

Unqualified Reservations has an interesting take on Android. A company with the stature of Google should be thinking hard about how to fix the Web. This involves delivering a new network programming environment (as opposed to a document delivery service