It’s great to see a non-Western web service (in this case, the Korean wiki service SpringNote) getting a thorough review at ReadWrite Web.
It’s disappointing that SpringNote, who is trying to appeal to users outside of Korea, did not invest throughly in localizing their interface in English.

Unfortunately, the English version of the site also suffers from some real usability problems. I don’t mean to be overly provincial, but the company ought to hire someone more conversant in the English language if they are going to offer an English interface and market to native English speakers. I want to see projects birthed far from Silicon Valley thrive, but a small investment in a copy editor who speaks your chosen interface language as their native language could make a big difference in product usability.

SpringNote Launching Impressive Wiki Platform from Korea

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It’s too bad to hear about your dissapointment. However,for springnote, this only signifies the start. Look forward to more complete and perfected loacalized interface of springnote.

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