Month: November 2007


It’s great to see a non-Western web service (in this case, the Korean wiki service SpringNote) getting a thorough review at ReadWrite Web. It’s disappointing that SpringNote, who is trying to appeal to users outside of Korea, did not invest

boyd and Ellison on social networks

The most significant academic research on a multi-billion dollar industry. I do wish that the JCMC had a “print” feature (I have to tweak settings on my printer so that it doesn’t print the colored background of the website..) Social

Gladwell on criminal profiling

Gladwell on why criminal profiling as we’ve been taught via TV shows and FBI ‘expert’ John Douglas is inaccurate. Dept. of Criminology: Dangerous Minds: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker

rest in peace itojun

Very sad news last week. Dr. Jun-Ichiro “itojun” Hagino, one of the celebrated computer programmers of Japan, has died. itojun’s wake and funeral are this week (information at the Kame Project website.) WIDE : Press Release : Sad News: Dr.

Toyo Shigeta, CEO, Dentsu Holdings

It’s hard to imagine a news story more disgusting and depressing, and I have numerous opinions on this which I’ll share when I have more time. AdAge has a copy [pdf] of the lawsuit. The Dirty Details of the Dentsu