Month: November 2007

Fallows compares China to Japan

Writer and author James Fallows (and his wife Deborah) have been living in China recently (I assume Fallows is working on a book on China) and he’s writing for The Atlantic. Fallows has a great, long, article on China that’s

Japan worse than a convenience store

Tobias Harris has a great post at Observing Japan looking at a recent essay in Chuo Koron by Yōichi Masuzoe, Japan’s minister of health, labor and welfare. Masuzoe blames the government itself for the scandal of the missing social security

Just Another Small Asian Country

Darrell Whitten who runs The Japan Investor has good post on his Tokyo Takes blog criticizing Japan for too little and too late action around the crisis in the financial sector of Japan. The Chinese stock market is now bigger

The Office – picket line


Google China

Looks quite a bit different than the Google that you may be used to. Google – 谷歌