hunting wild boar with a can of spray-paint from the back of a pickup truck

Unqualified Reservations has an interesting take on Android.

A company with the stature of Google
should be thinking hard about how to fix the Web. This involves delivering a new network programming environment (as opposed to a document delivery service hacked to be programmable). There is no shame in competing with a standard. In fact, by writing Android Java, Google is doing exactly that – both for Java and for the Web. Every developer of a mobile service will have to think: do I develop for J2ME, for Android, or for the browser?

But Android is not a better Web 2.0, nor anything like it. Instead it’s a better PalmOS.
Yet another standalone OO programming environment. With a networking API. Yawn.

This part also struck me as compelling:

Google will do just fine if everyone in the world accesses their servers via Apple or Microsoft phones. The commercial justification for writing Android strikes me as quite thin.

The quality of the user experience on the iPhone makes a major difference to Apple’s bottom line. The quality of the Android experience has only a slight connection to Google’s.

So, in a certain sense, the people working on Android – who I’m sure are all very smart – are hunting wild boar with a can of spray-paint from the back of a pickup truck.

Unqualified Reservations: Five problems with Google Android