Month: November 2007

Michelin Guide Tokyo list

I have only thumbed through a friend’s copy of the recently released (and now sold out) Michelin Guide Tokyo. I have only been to a handful of the restaurants in the guide (maybe 5-7 of the 1 stars.) It is

hunting wild boar with a can of spray-paint from the back of a pickup truck

Unqualified Reservations has an interesting take on Android. A company with the stature of Google should be thinking hard about how to fix the Web. This involves delivering a new network programming environment (as opposed to a document delivery service

my blog’s comments are broken

My hosting provider (Dreamhost, who I recommend) has informed me that my mt-comments.cgi script is taking up too many resources on my hosted server so they had to turn it off. That means no one can comment to my blog

Mark Pilgrim vs. Amazon Kindle

Mark Pilgrim brilliantly uses Jeff Bezos’ own words against Amazon’s new e-book reader (and juxtaposes quotes from Orwell’s “1984”.) Kindle will fail just like Sony LIBRIe did (I was working for Sony at the time so I could only tell

more than 25% of Skype users are in China

As amazing as this data might seem, it’s also important to recognize that the data comes from Skype’s China partner, Tom Online, and that the folks over at QQ probably would refute this. Getting independent data on IM market in