Month: October 2007

FDI into Japan negative in 2006

There’s nothing good about this except to say that there is enough investment capital in Japan to service the internal market. Foreign direct investment inflows to Japan turned negative in 2006 for the first time since 1989, affected by divestments

Daniel Pink on Japan and manga

Daniel Pink, who 10 years ago penned a popular book “Free Agent Nation”, has recently been in Japan researching manga and will be publishing a manga targeted at the business market in English. Q. Speaking of Japan, we are skipping

Japan and Burma – right action, wrong reason

Japan should have never supported the dictatorship that is Burma. That Japan cancelled the humanitarian “assistance” that it gave to Burma over the death of a Japanese journalist is the right action, but for the wrong reason. It should not

Tom Middleton – Lifetracks

Probably my favorite music artist for the past few years, Tom Middleton (homepage, wikipedia, discogs, forum, myspace) has a new solo album out called Lifetracks. Middleton is doing the album release party on Oct. 18th at London’s The Big Chill

Into the Schoolgirl Inferno

W. David Marx reviews Patrick Macias and Izumi Evers’ new book, “Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno” (Chronicle Books, 2007) in Marx’ Neojaponisme site: Unlike other collections of Tokyo fashion history such as PARCO’s Street Fashion 1945-1995 or the more recent, less theoretical