no separate desktop images for Spaces in Leopard

I installed Leopard on my old PBG4 last weekend. I did a clean install and am slowly moving over prefs and files (iPhoto and iTunes moved over.) In general I like Leopard and it runs fast on my old 1 Ghz machine. There’s things I don’t like (the 3D dock, the transparent menu bar) but I know that the internal updates are worth the update.

What I cannot comprehend is how Apple could have not implemented Spaces with the ability to have separate desktop images. What’s the use of virtual desktops if you can’t change the desktop images so you can have a visual reminder of which desktop you are on? It’s absolutely incomprehensible to me that I have to have the same desktop image on all of my “Spaces.”

3 comments on “no separate desktop images for Spaces in Leopard
  1. I can think of two very good reasons that it was implemented that way, either sufficient to drop the feature: time and space.
    Time meaning that they ran out of that, and the perfect being the enemy of the shipped, it didn’t get implemented.
    Space meaning that it’s entirely possible that managing multiple large desktop images could have been intensely taxing for the memory (or video memory) systems in some cases. If your system starts paging memory because you have four different desktop pictures, each big enough for your 30″ Cinema Display, well, problem!

  2. Durf says:

    Agree that this is annoying. They could at least have made the little menuling indicate which one you were looking at at the time.

  3. Jesse says:

    Reason 2 I personally feel is a stupid reason. Every machine apple sells comes with a minimum 12 GB HD space as well as 1 GB of RAM. There is no shortage of memory or storage.
    I feel the real reason is that they didn’t take time to finish the Spaces product. If they had thought it through and taken a little more time I think it would be in there.