3 comments on “Jennifer Pariser, Sony BMG
  1. Is it even disappointing? Is it even relevant? It’s not certain to me after reading the story whether, in this context, her response was inclusive of perfectly legit fair-use copying (backup, iTunes…) or all copying.
    But if it was intended to cover fair-use copying, well, this sort of comment just digs the graves of the record labels.
    At this point their customers hate them, their content creators hate them, and I don’t think the law-makers are very sympathetic, seeing as how the labels now may be trying to claim that roughly 100% of their constituents are thieves.
    These aren’t dissappointing acts, these are death throes.

  2. brian says:

    it truly is disappointing.
    i cannot believe that making a copy of your own music is considered stealing. that’s like saying making a photocopy of a reference book to write an essay is stealing intellectual property. (if you plagerise) but if you rephrase, maybe it can be seen as an academic mash up.
    either way, this is utter bollocks, and i hope they see how the world is changing and how their tried and true business models should change with the times as well -)
    will be popping by Popout 2007 later tonight!
    see you there!

  3. aragoto says:

    And Radiohead release their new, record-label-free album tomorrow. How timely that a major record company executive should be arguing to tighten and extend the labels’ grip just as their artists and customers begin in earnest to sharpen the stake that’s going straight through the heart of their business model.