Month: October 2007

no separate desktop images for Spaces in Leopard

I installed Leopard on my old PBG4 last weekend. I did a clean install and am slowly moving over prefs and files (iPhoto and iTunes moved over.) In general I like Leopard and it runs fast on my old 1

Joe Posnanski covers the Japan Series

Joe Posnanski of the Kansas City Star newspaper is in Japan covering the Japan Series (on account of Nippon Ham Fighters coach Trey Hillman going to the KC Royals in 2008.) Baseball in Japan is similar to U.S. game, only

Greg Elin and Carl Malamud

This is a few months old but John Udell interviewed my good friend Greg Elin of the Sunlight Foundation. Greg and Sunlight are working to provide information about the US government and congress that we have the right to see

USC Global Conference 2007

W. David Marx, proprietor of many interesting websites including Néomarxisme and Néojaponisme, and I will be speaking with Prof. Jennifer Urban of USC at the USC Global Conference this weekend on Saturday the 27th on the topic of user-generated content

2007 Mary Meeker Internet trends

Mary Meeker‘s presentations at the Web 2.0 events (Summit, Expo, etc.) are always a valuable overview of trends the Internet. Her recent presentation, given at the Web 2.0 Summit is available for download in PDF. If you work on the