Zooomr Japan?

Venture-backed photo-sharing site Zooomr is betting the farm on Japan? Japan already has a lot of photo sharing sites like Photozou or Livedoor Pics or Flickr itself, or one of dozens of other clones. I’m not sure what the Zooomr guys think that they have that will make their service popular in Japan vs. the home-grown Japanese sites or the massively popular sites like Flickr which can add a Japanese interface in days.

But at the same time — I’m working my ass off like you can’t believe in Japan.

If Japan doesn’t go anywhere, you can kiss Zooomr good-bye. Americans don’t care about photos like the Japanese — by embracing Japan’s economy, we can save Zooomr financially.

Taking a break from Zooomr | Zooomrフォト共有

3 comments on “Zooomr Japan?
  1. Hi Gen, cool post. I’m assuming you picked this up from that trashy site ValleyWag? Doesn’t seem like anyone else has yet linked to that photo above.
    I don’t know if we’re “betting the farm” on Japan, but we definitely see Japan as a much more serious proposition.
    I think you’re overlooking the complexities of simple translation — I’m actually developing a set of functionality specifically for Japan.
    Wouldn’t mind showing you sometime before launch — let me know: ; GTalk/Jabber is best.
    kristopher tate
    cto & founder — zooomr

  2. Checking in: Looks like your comment system parsed out my gmail address.
    It’s kris.tate@gmail.com
    Please let me know.

  3. Gen Kanai says:

    Thanks Kristopher. I’ll ping you to set up time to meet soon.