Secrets out in the open

Fascinating look at how the Chinese Foreign Ministry and Chinese consulate in Japan pressures NHK to alter their coverage of China in Japan. This is due to a Chinese government website which had revealed classified information online.

After this [NHK] series was broadcast, the [Chinese] Foreign Ministry Information Department and the Chinese consulate in Japan negotiated with NHK concerning the negative content contained in the series, pointing out that the first two episodes were unbalanced, negative in tone, and did not objectively or accurately reflect the realities of Chinese society, thus misleading viewers and harming China’s image. The Chinese side expressed its serious dissatisfaction and hoped that NHK could gain an increased appreciation of its journalistic responsibilities and make objective, comprehensive, and fair reports on China, as well take steps to diffuse the negative effects of the series. The Japanese side said that NHK had always pursued objectivity and fairness in its reports on China, and placed great emphasis on building a cooperative relationship with China. It had no intention of smearing China in the “Torrent” series, and it expressed regret that the series had caused negative effects to the Chinese side. The production team had taken this into account, and pledged to show the position and efforts of the Chinese government more carefully, objectively, and substantially in the sequel, so as to eliminate negative effects.

In light of the fact that NHK has had a relatively positive attitude in its dealings with China and has, overall, been objective in its reporting on China, the Chinese side agreed to continue the visits and interviews necessary to complete the series, but it requested that further episodes in the Torrent series fairly and objectively show the development of all aspects of China.

So when you see those “interesting” NHK documentaries on China, you can rest assured that they were produced in cooperation with the Chinese government.

Secrets out in the open []

One comment on “Secrets out in the open
  1. tomojiro says:

    I was enjoying this series. I was astounded that the Chinese government let broadcast such kind of documentaries and appreciated that transparency was rising in China.
    A pity if the tone of the remaining documentaries would change drastically.