Month: September 2007

Zooomr Japan?

Venture-backed photo-sharing site Zooomr is betting the farm on Japan? Japan already has a lot of photo sharing sites like Photozou or Livedoor Pics or Flickr itself, or one of dozens of other clones. I’m not sure what the Zooomr

Joi on stagnation in Japan

Joi has an op-ed in the NY Times that I helped to edit. Joi Ito’s Web: In Japan, Stagnation Wins Again – My Op Ed in the New York Times

RIP Miyoshi Umeki

Mulboyne (in the fascinating Macias vs. Kerr thread on Mutantfrog) points us to the fact that Miyoshi Umeki, the first Asian to win an Academy Award, recently passed away. Missouri is a whole world away from Otaru. Rest in peace

Firefox Celica

Firefox car found@Firefox ROCK FEST! (Mozilla24), originally uploaded by nobihaya. Awesomeness on wheels…

Mozilla 24

For the next 24 hours+, you’ll find me over at Mozilla