Month: September 2007

Nikon D3 review

I don’t have $5000 to spend on a digital camera, but I hope that Nikon can move the key technology from the D3 to lower cost cameras ASAP. Cliff Mautner Photography: 9-23-2007 Nikon D3 Test Drive!!!!!!! WOW

Ivan Ramen

The WSJ has a nice profile of chef Ivan Orkin, [Trying to Out-Noodle the Japanese – ]who has opened a ramen restaurant, Ivan Ramen, in Setagaya. I hope to make it over there and try a bowl.

Secrets out in the open

Fascinating look at how the Chinese Foreign Ministry and Chinese consulate in Japan pressures NHK to alter their coverage of China in Japan. This is due to a Chinese government website which had revealed classified information online. After this [NHK]

an update on the cost of monoculture

Some of you may remember a popular post I had earlier this year called “the cost of monoculture” which looked at the de-facto monopoly that Microsoft Internet Explorer has in South Korea for a number of historical and technical reasons.

backup strategies?

Hi everyone- for those of you who keep regular backups, I’d love to hear what/how you do that. My challenge is that I have 2 machines (work MacBookPro, personal Powerbook) and separate drives for media (I keep my iTunes library