Month: July 2007

Retro Cigarette Package35

Retro Cigarette Package35, originally uploaded by asobitsuchiya. Don’t like smoking but this package art for Peace cigarettes is very awesome.

Issenberg & Corson on sushi

Slate speaks with Sasha Issenberg and Trevor Corson, two writers who have recently published books on the topic of sushi. I knew that pickled fish was more tradtional and that fresh nigiri was a newer invention but I had no

on the upcoming election in Japan

Robert Alan Feldman (Morgan Stanley) on the upcoming election in Japan. Thus, the likely outcomes range from a slim victory to a large defeat for the LDP. How would policy change across this range of outcomes? The implications depend on

Frank McGahon – 3 part mix

I am a big, big fan of Frank McGahon’s house mixes. His new 3 part mix covers a lot more than house and sounds amazing- many of my favorite labels are represented: Far Out, Brownswood, Sonar Kollektiv, Nite Grooves, Ubiquity,


Absolutely fascinating Metafilter post about Otokichi, or 山本 音吉 (Yamamoto Otokichi, later known as John Matthew Ottoson) which points to The Otokichi Story, a biography of a very unusual Japanese man. Otokichi highlights & accomplishments at a glance ・ First