Month: July 2007

Gingersteve – Funk Me Harder

I’ve been enjoying this Gingersteve – Funk Me Harder mix a lot recently. Funk, breaks, house, garage, breaks, it’s awesome! 01. Bebel Gilberto – Aganju (Latin Projekt Remix) 02. The Juju Orchestra feat Carolyn Leonhart & Terry Callier – What

Lego Millenium Falcon

Awesomely geeky. One dude is wearing a Blogger t-shirt too.

doing big things for love

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Clay goes from the Ise Shrine to perl to software support (comp.lang.perl.misc) to AT&T to love. “perl is a shinto shrine” “you will make more accurate predictions about software, and in this web-driven world, about services, if

my sister, Aya Kanai

My sister, Aya Kanai, is profiled at Worship Worthy, “an all female-authored daily newsletter and lifestyle blogsite targeted toward women, featuring continuously updated news, images and analysis of New York’s hippest fashion, trends, events and products to tastemakers and fashion

stickam and Wataru Takahashi

Wow. I can’t make this stuff up. On its Web site and in press reports, Stickam says that it is owned by Advanced Video Communications, or AVC, a three-year-old Los Angeles company that sells video conferencing and e-commerce services to