LDP out, DPJ in

The difficult part is just starting. I’m skeptical that the DPJ can make effective use of this failure of the LDP- a failure that was from within, not from any effective attack from the DPJ.
Observing Japan: The results are in…

1 Comment on “LDP out, DPJ in

  1. The DPJ’s proportional representation list doesn’t give me much hope.
    At the top of the list:
    #1 committee member for public sector trade union(Jichiro)
    #2 NTT trade union rep and Telco/IT union committee member
    #3 ex-house of representatives member
    #4 ex-Minister for Home Affairs
    #5 advisor to the automobile industry trade union(Jidousha Souren)
    Some other choice picks
    #7 ex-committee member for the teachers’ union (Nikkyoso)
    #9 ex-committee member for the electrical workers’ union(Denryoku Souren)
    #10 Committee member for UI Zensen (Textile, Chemical, Food, Commercial, Service and General Workers’ Unions)
    #12 Committee member for the Basic Industries Workers’ Union (steel, mining, shipbuilding, aerospace, industrial machinery, refining, machining, logistics etc)
    That and a bunch of ex-national or state politicians. (and 2 local politicians)
    Of the 20 who got elected, only two (one, a Buddhist monk, the other the father of professional golfer Sakura Yokomine) are neither politicians or trade unions related.