Month: July 2007

fukumimi on Google Japan

Fukumimi writes about the recent Google Japan open house. Even more disappointing than the fluffy presentations were the questions from the floor. The first guy up introduced himself as a marcom guy from MSFT who, in what I though was

LDP out, DPJ in

The difficult part is just starting. I’m skeptical that the DPJ can make effective use of this failure of the LDP- a failure that was from within, not from any effective attack from the DPJ. Observing Japan: The results are

not good

RConversation: Shi Tao’s case: Yahoo! knew more than they claimed

Slap Bass Odyssey

I always enjoy Lenodd‘s mixes. This one is a stunner! Slap Bass Odyssey Mixed by Lenodd July 2007 1) Solaris Heights – Solarism 2) Mavenelli Project – Bradford Jazz (Jims on his todd again mix) 3) Problem Kids – Feel

on vacation in Japan

I’m on vacation this week (July 23-27) in Japan at a conference help by the US-Japan Leadership Program. I’ll try to blog a bit but can’t make promises. I am reachable by email/IM as usual.