Hidden Persuaders – 80’s Cheesy Mash

Guilty pleasures. Some fine 80’s cheese remixed.

80s Cheesy Mash – Hidden Persuaders

Being Nobody (Final confused mix) – Soundhog

Axel F v Mr Mister (Exorcism edit) – DJ Earlybird

Running without you – PeteyPauls

Jump to Heaven – Martinn

Call on Valerie – Mixamatosis

Thrillered in a Kalifornia Ride Situation – DJ John

Stay with you (Big Bad Baz mix) – Lemon Jelly

Girls just want to throw their hands in the air – Futuro

More than a feeling (Act of Dog’s minimally moulded mix) – Boston

Jump! In the name of Love (Van Halen v Supremes) – DJ Scmolli

Girls Jump (Xtina v Van Halen) – Go Home Productions

Dashdance (Run to me ) – Lionel Vinyl v Bryan Adams

Livin’ on a Prayer (Dropbass cheeeze mix) – Bon Jovi

Waiting for Insomnia (Faithless v Foreigner) – DJ Payroll

Dancing Queen machine – Gingersteve

Bigmouth Snaps Again – DJ Payroll

This Nation Needs you – Cuban Boys