music quiz

I didn’t know this myself until today but I thought it would make for a cool quiz.
Who is the first woman of Asian or Pacific-Island heritage to have a #1 hit on the Billboard charts? I’ll give you one hint: 1970s.
(If you use a search engine to find out don’t put the answer in the comments.)

4 comments on “music quiz
  1. Adamu says:

    Kyu Sakamoto?? No search engines used, I swear

  2. Adamu says:

    Oh um, WOMAN. Tight. Don’t know 🙁

  3. maki says:

    Would it be Yvonne Elliman? She’s at least partly Asian… (If I Can’t Have You from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack)

  4. Gen Kanai says:

    Makiko- you’re right! Yvonne Elliman is the first woman of Asian/Pacific-Island descent (her mother is/was of Chinese and Japanese heritage) to have a #1 single on the Billboard charts.