Month: April 2007

sayonara Kutaragi-san

Watch Sony announce Ken Hirai of SCEA to become the next head of SCE. SCE needs someone more revolutionary than Hirai however. Architect of Sony’s PlayStation to Retire Amid Faltering Sales – New York Times

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KPCB China fund

If you are watching the hyper-growth of China as I am, you would have noticed that the NY Times reports “Kleiner Perkins to Expand With Two Offices in China.” What the average reader would not know is who is running

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music quiz answer

Yesterday, I asked folks who was the first woman of Asian or Pacific-Island heritage to have a #1 song on the Billboard charts. Makiko Itoh guessed correctly: Yvonne Elliman.

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do not OpenDNS

So there’s a company that wants to get in between you and your dns queries. That’s a very bad idea. That is like asking trusting some other company to call your bank for you, or trusting some other company to

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Kansai Art Beat!

Congratulations to the Flanders Center and Tokyo Art Beat. Kansai Art Beat is launched! 関西アートビート – Kansai Art Beat – 関西のアート・デザイン展カレンダー

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