David C. Iglesias, United States attorney

Pete Domenici and Heather Wilson, I hope New Mexico votes you OUT at the next election. You are the epitome of the worst kind of politician. We’re all happy that your nefarious deeds are out in front of the whole nation for review.
This man, David C. Iglesias, should be back in his job as US attorney for the District of New Mexico.
Why I Was Fired – New York Times

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  1. Clinton did the same thing (although I think his house-cleaning went a little further; i.e., IIRC he fired ALL of the prosecutors from the prior administration), allegedly because the Arkansas prosecutor got a little too close to some of his more…questionable…activities. I’m not speculating too far here, either; it’s pretty well documented.
    If this guy was fired for not bringing 1/2 baked corruption charges rapidly enough in order to satisfy some political demands, then he should probably be reinstated. But a self-serving editorial in the NYT from the harmed party is not precisely what I’d consider to be a reliable source. Also consider if the opposite is true: he *supressed or delayed* a prosecution to influence an election. Politics is an ugly business, and many politicians on both side of the aisle are vile individuals.
    These things are very rarely as cut-and-dried as they seem to be, and a little background digging usually turns up a lot of interesting information. The Valerie Plame / Joe Wilson brouhaha is a perfect example. Remember that Joe Wilson also published an editorial in the NYT which was basically directly the opposite of what any reasonable interpreter of *his* research in Nigeria would have concluded, let alone other sources, in order to embarass the Bush Administration.
    I’m not defending Domenici or H. Wilson here – I don’t know much about them. My point is to tread carefully Mr. Kanai – these are deep waters, and the facile presentations in the NYT rarely move beyond the kiddy section of the pool.