Month: March 2007

off to Beijing

Hopefully it’ll be a bit more clear up in Beijing? Anthony Townsend: Howdy from Shanghai

David C. Iglesias, United States attorney

Pete Domenici and Heather Wilson, I hope New Mexico votes you OUT at the next election. You are the epitome of the worst kind of politician. We’re all happy that your nefarious deeds are out in front of the whole

clickfraud in China

VentureBeat on Baidu’s clickfraud. The study, conducted by Peter Lu, of the China IntelliConsulting Corp (copy of pdf here), found that advertisers believe 34 percent of all clicks on Baidu ads are fraudulent, compared to 24 percent on Google. The

Chirp! Twitter in Firefox

Dietrich Ayala, who works with me at Mozilla, has posted a cool extension for Twitter users (I’m at who also use Firefox, called Chirp!.

assumptions on suicide

Trans-Pacific Radio has a great podcast/post on the mistaken assumptions of suicide in Japan. I really enjoyed it and look forward to future podcasts from TPR. Trans-Pacific Radio � TPR Spotlight #1: Suicide by the Numbers