Dave Karraker – Sony detractor

As if the poor sales of the PS3 isn’t bad enough, Sony Computer Entertainment of America’s senior director of corporate communications has quite a way with words when interviewed by the New York Times.

Dave Karraker, a spokesman for Sony Computer Entertainment of America, said the Wii did not belong in the same category as the more powerful PlayStation 3. “Wii could be considered an impulse buy more than anything else,” he declared.

Many gamers think that a $250 Nintendo Wii is not an impulse buy. But hey, you know better than your customers, right? That’s why the sales of your new game machine, “will reach only 75% of its global target for PlayStation 3 sales this fiscal year through March”, according to a Nomura report released Monday.

I remember how, in a recent interview on Gamasutra, Dave Karraker spoke about media misperception of Sony and the PS3.

Gamasutra: It did seem like there were a number of mis-statements, and this may be a media misperception, but did you have to work to rein people in and make sure they’re on message?

Dave Karraker: I don’t know that it was a lot of mis-statements, the problem that we had was because there wasn’t anyone in this position that I’m in right now, we weren’t driving the message. We were allowing media to drive the message for us, and interpret it for us. So allowing someone like Peter Moore, who’s a good friend of mine, to stand up there and say negative things about Sony, there wasn’t anybody refuting that. People just took that for face value. Now we’re very aggressively defending our turf, and attempting to right all the wrongs that have been said about us in the past, which includes misrepresentation of quotes from our executives. I think you’ve probably seen the difference, just in the last couple months, where if somebody goes out and says something negative about Sony, we’re not going to sit back and allow that. We’re going to position it properly, and provide the facts.

“Driving the message” now Mr. Karraker? Is this what is called “aggressively defending our turf”? and “attempting to right all the wrongs”?

Interesting PR strategy you have here.

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  1. yoko says:

    Hey Gen chan
    Long time no see…how are you ?
    Since I started a job in a new company since last fall, I look back a lot on S days, how things were done, etc…..PR is one of them. This gave me an insight what not to do….
    Thanks !