Month: February 2007

Google secretly strikes back in Korea

Looks like male Korean users, aged 25-29 have moved over from Naver to Google. Also Google’s recent opening of Gmail to all users in Korea has also helped them. KoreanClick, the domestic online consultancy, Thursday said the number of unique

pallalink redux

Pallalink (flickr!) hits Boing Boing today due to Pingmag. However, if you were reading Paul’s blog back in 2003, like I was, you’d have known how amazing Pallalink’s work is. You’d have bought 5 copies of his very-limited-edition run of

No more Nakagawa!

Well, I officially take back my comments from the other day. There’s definitely something afoot here in Japan and it’s no good. Shin is right about an increase in racism here in Japan today. A total lack of accountability for

Web 2.0 Expo Japan

CMP Media, who produces O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Conference series is doing a Web 2.0 Expo in Japan on November 15-16, planning for 4000 attendees at Izumi Garden Tower. It’s on my calendar. Web2.0 EXPO

Japanese shareholders block M&A

I know that it is good news that Japanese people are starting to do more personal investing, buying stocks, enabling the growth of the Japanese stock market. It’s also good news that Japanese investors are becoming more active, in fact