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  1. Wow…thanks for the link, I haven’t been following Wired at all recently. I wonder if Wired actually fell for this. The thing is, and this has been going around for a while, I’ve talked to a lot of the Japanese people I work with or am related to and none of them ever thought it was ‘real’ to begin with, if ‘real’ was taken to mean that the events of the movie/TV show reflected something that happened in real life other than boy meets girl, which happens everyday.

  2. Holy crap, what a bunch of cynical people!!
    Obviously this will be told as a guy’s story. A guy is TELLING it!! Its possible he altered the telling of some events. Girls do it too. And not only that, it’ll seem incomplete because it is being told by one person as the events are happening, or shortly afterwards. He won’t be able to notice every detail in the moment or remember everything. Nor will we be able to see Hermes’ thoughts, since he seems to have not told her about the forum and can’t ask for her personal insights.
    Also, prior to the densha otoko story, otakus weren’t seen in a positive light, largely because of after effects of Tsutomu Miyazaki. If a company was going to fabricate a story JUST to escape financial troubles, they took a HUGE risk with making the main character an otaku.
    As to it seeming like a drama-ish plot, often stories come from things that happened and are changed over time. While some events of the story are unlikely, largely the story is possible. There’s no telling which is true and which isn’t, but many of the events that happen in the story are possible. Drunks ride trains, people try and stop the drunks, people fall in love. Is it really that hard to believe that this story is plausible, without looking at the dollar sign that this story could have generated if it was successful?
    And so what if the story is fake? Its a nice cute story to believe in. It also doesn’t seem to be a preachy tale either. Is there something WRONG with am unpopular nerd getting the girl?? Are we so dug into the belief that the muscular boy/pretty boy/handsome boy/popular boy gets the girl, that anything else we simply pass up for as bullshit and a lame excuse to make some money?
    Maybe someone wrote this because they were bored. Maybe there really is a Densha Otoko and Hermes out there.
    It comes down to this in the end: WHO CARES IF IT HAPPENED OR NOT?? Its probably the most realistic love story to come out for awhile.