catching up

I will write about China but not yet.

I’ve been catching up on my blogs and whatnot since coming back to reliable Internet connectivity in Tokyo.

I’m going to lump a bunch of links together with comments. If folks like this format better, I may continue this but I like being able to have comments around particular links. We’ll see…

Brian Krebs of the Washington Post had an article “Internet Explorer Unsafe for 284 Days in 2006” up last December highlighting the fact that Firefox is patched more quickly than IE and that IE was critically unpatched for the majority of 2006. He’s released his data sets today.

Who patches better: Microsoft or Mozilla?

Mozilla’s chief of security, Window Snyder, is interviewed at Techtarget. It’s a decent overview of how Mozilla is different vs. Microsoft (we’re clearly very different.)

Arai has a new helmet out for those of us with “long oval” skulls.

I’m a “long oval” so I hope they make one in my size.

We’re doing monthly Foxkeh wallpapers with or without calendars. (Foxkeh is the mascot for Mozilla Japan.)

The January Foxkeh calendar is ready for download and we should have the February ones up soon.

Economic impact of open source software on innovation and the competitiveness of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector in the EU

300 page survey of open source software which says Firefox is the most popular OSS they surveyed (among many other findings.)

Paul surveys the new KDDI AU phones that are coming out this spring.

Glad I waited.

Declining internet music downloads in Japan?

Andreas has crunched the numbers and his conclusion is that Japanese music downloads to PC are declining but downloads to mobile are rising. He’s got his data sets from the RIAJ online too.

Fukumimi reports that Rakuten finally embraces web services.

楽天 「楽天市場」のAPIを公開「楽天ウェブサービス」β版の提供を開始

A few new items in the Mozilla Store:

Ogio Metro Backpack

Firefox Performance Fleece

and the perennial favorite

Firefox Ogio Messenger Bag (I’ve seen this one in person and it’s very cool. I’m getting one for myself and a few friends.)

Mixi releases Mixi Mobile statistics

Fukumimi parses the recent PR from Mixi around their mobile statistics.

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