Year: 2007

lost my Airport

For those of us Mac-users, the recent Apple Security Update 2007-009 v1.1 has created a lot of havoc on users’ machines. After I installed the security update, I restarted the machine and lost access to my Airport wireless card. I

the tyranny of QWERTY

I have a longer discussion about whether the iPhone will do well in Japan planned for when I have more than a moment to blog, but I wanted to point folks to an article on alternative interfaces to computers which

Batara Eto to leave Mixi

Mixi’s CTO, Batara Eto, is stepping down from the CTO job at the end of the year, Akimoto-san reports from Asiajin. I’m sure that the past few years of starting up and growing the most popular SNS in Japan would

upgraded to MT4.01

I’ve finally gotten a moment to upgrade my blog to MT 4.01. It was actually very easy and painless. Let’s hope the comments are now working? Please help me test by leaving a comment.

Norton Fighter v. Botlas

It looks like Symantec Software is taking lessons from Nike. Norton Fighter v. Botlas (part1) Norton Fighter v. Botlas (part2) I will say that they are very well done for what they are, an advertisement. That said, I do not