Year: 2006

kitty vs. godzilla

kitty vs. godzilla, originally uploaded by Gen Kanai. not my photo unfortunately but very cute.

Fukumimi on Horiemon

As usual, required reading from Shin: Horiemon blames others for his predicament


This is very funny. This blog is doing funny stuff with their date stamp too: ” 二〇〇六年一二月一四日(木) 16:21 ”

Joi chairs Creative Commons

Joi Ito, who is on the board of both Mozilla Japan as well as the Mozilla Foundation, has just been named Chairman of Creative Commons.

Baidu entering Japan

This is just comedy. Baidu is entering the Japan market. That’s fine, understandable. But the reasons Baidu gives investors for it’s Japan entry are positively ludicrous. China and Japan are not similar at all in terms of culture, online or