Koh drives the Eliica

Koh has a set of photos from his test drive of the Eliica, an electric vehicle prototype built by Keio University.
0-60 in 4 seconds, 230 mph top speed. Engines inside the wheels, 8 of them. Pretty wild.
The official website is here and the development team has a blog (in Japanese.)

2 comments on “Koh drives the Eliica
  1. nobi says:

    I was there, too 😉
    The visit started from a conversation between me and hokamura-san.
    Professor Shimizu, the guy who spent 26 years in developing this electric vehicle from ground up was so kind to give us a ride back to Shin-kawasaki station 😉
    He is trying to raise fund. If people visit his lab and give it a try, everyone would believe it would be easy (to raise funds) for something that is so much thought out. But so far, prof. shimizu has been only talking to Japanese companies. 🙁

  2. Christian Gates says:

    I think the Eliica is an interesting design study, but the Tesla Roadster is, apparently, a commercial product.