Samantha Thavasa by Tinsley Mortimer

I don’t care for Samantha Thavasa as a brand, but they are laser-focused on their market. Who loses out to Samantha Thavasa? Coach. Gucci. LVMH. Other European luxury brands too, but I think Coach takes the biggest hit. Dunno which Japanese domestic brand lost out due to ST….

Ms. Mortimer, whose blond curls and patrician looks have made her a darling of designers and the fashion press, recently agreed to create a line of handbags for the Japanese accessories brand Samantha Thavasa. Like Ms. Burch, she created a logo out of her initials. The “Samantha Thavasa by Tinsley Mortimer” line will be introduced at a new boutique on Madison Avenue on Friday.
Ms. Mortimer is well aware that her appearance — not just her beauty but her signature hairstyle and taste in clothes — is key to her appeal to society photographers, a kind of brand in itself. Invited to a dinner by Valentino not long ago, she awaited a house call from her hairstylist in her apartment. “About two years ago I started curling my hair and wearing it pinned to the side,” she said. “I became associated with that and with a certain kind of overly girly style: baby-doll dresses, pouf skirts and Mary Janes. Right now my hair is straight. I have to get it curled so I can leave the house.”

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