GitS: Solid State Society

Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society is finally out on DVD here in Japan. I was able to grab a copy at Tsutaya this weekend and enjoyed it.

Those of you who enjoyed the cyberpunk Ghost in the Shell TV series will enjoy this movie-length DVD but note Production I.G spend no time explaining the characters so you have to have seen the TV series or the movies in order to know the characters and personalities.

What I like about the GitS series is (besides the awesome artwork, vision of the future, and action scenes) that it deals directly with issues that are affecting present-day Japan, in this case the aging society of Japan and the low birth rate (plus it’s an interesting view of the future of the Internet.) GitS is a great balance between plotline, character development, action, and ideas. Plus they have Tachikomas which are just cool!

A few other reviews with screenshots are available at cyberpunkreview, Japanator and not remotely belgium.