profile of Garry Trudeau

Long but must-read.

So is Trudeau going to play it safe in this speech and stay away from politics? I’m apparently not the only one wondering. The instant the cartoonist rises to take the mike, a large American flag behind him suddenly and inexplicably crashes to the ground. From a group of organizers near me comes a whisper, “Oh [expletive], not a good sign.”

The speech starts benignly, praising the courage of the soldiers he had met, but here’s how Trudeau wraps it up:

“When I talk to wounded veterans, I usually don’t ask them what they think the mission was. I don’t presume, because their lives are wrenching enough without the suggestion that their sacrifices may have been without meaning. Moreover, if that is so, it will become apparent to them soon enough . . . The young men and women who we’ve repeatedly put in harm’s way are paying the price for this misbegotten mission, and as long as it continues, I, like so many of our countrymen, must walk this strange line between hating the war but honoring the warrior. I don’t know how long we can keep it up. . .”

He finishes to a standing ovation.

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