Month: October 2006

Softbank shamelessly uses Cameron Diaz to shill for their “new” mobile service in Japan (it’s just Vodafone, with their crappy network.)

Brendan Eich, creator of Javascript and CTO at Mozilla, presented this at The Ajax Experience. Firefox, JavaScript, and the Web via Goodpic

Amazing find. Weird Al Yankovic on Japanese TV in the 1980. Shimada Shinsuke is so young- it’s gotta be early 80s. “Sumo” dancers. Lobster boy. ‘Nuff said. Is Japanese comedy TV in 2006 any better? Not appreciably so. Weird Al …

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Jon Cockle, one of the most all-around talented people I know , famous for his blog Yongfook, the web magazine PingMag, the sketch-sharing site Sketchplanet, the simple list manager Orchestrate, the podcast portal Zapzap, not to mention his HDR photography, … Read More »

Ev has acquired Odeo and is going private to start a new company. Others are moving into this space. Ev’s lucky that he has had enough success so that he can fail gracefully too. Good luck Ev! evhead: The Birth …

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