protect your dreams

Andrew Vestal of, who has lived in Japan for many years working in the gaming industry, but is now based in the US, flew back to Japan to go to 2 Cocco concerts in 3 days.

So, yeah. The trip was more than two great concerts; it was, frankly, life-affirming. I almost didn’t go at all: the trip was short, expensive, and foolish, and I had neither the time nor the money. But I learned that if your dreams aren’t ridiculous, then they aren’t dreams at all; they’re just expectations, filled automatically by life’s gears turning. Other people might think that going to Japan for two concerts in three days is ridiculous, but other people can go to Hell. Your dreams are yours and you must protect them, because no one else will do it for you.

A wise man. I hope not to forget this lesson. – about: concert

1 Comment on “protect your dreams

  1. I’d argue that classifying going to two Cocco concerts in 3 days as a “dream”, in the most exalted sense of the word, as an indication of someone that needs to get out of the house more.
    Going to 2 concerts far away in a short period of time, in other words, isn’t ridiculous (it’s probably cool, particularly if Cocco is one of those amazingly bizarre Japanese pop bands) – but the existential rant (and apparently the deeply-felt criticism for this indulgence – because that’s what it is) attached to it is preposterous.
    I’d argue that Gen’s NOLS expedition in college to the Andes, where he learned of the manifold uses of snow, was far more significant in nearly every way. Gen: draw inspiration from that, not from some narcissistic character you read about on the Internet. But then again, I’m not a concert guy, so who knows?