Bin Laden safe to stay in Pakistan

It’s difficult for me to describe how disappointed I am with the American people who voted Bush into office twice (well, once, and the Supreme Court put him in once. Our “ally” in the war against terror has decided to let the Taliban live freely in Waziristan because the Pakistani Army can’t/won’t deal with the unpopularity of the army being in that area.

Bin Laden has free reign in Waziristan.

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The surprising announcement comes as Pakistani army officials announced they were pulling their troops out of the North Waziristan region as part of a “peace deal” with the Taliban.

If he is in Pakistan, bin Laden “would not be taken into custody,” Major General Shaukat Sultan Khan told ABC News in a telephone interview, “as long as one is being like a peaceful citizen.”

President Bush, whatever happened to,”Second, we have made it clear to all nations, if you harbor terrorists, you are just as guilty as the terrorists; you’re an enemy of the United States, and you will be held to account.