Month: August 2006

Akihiro Hirao survives mid-air collision

Akihiro Hirao, a glider pilot from Japan flying near Carson City, Nevada, survived a collision in a glider at 16,000 ft. with a Hawker XP800, a business jet. Glider Pilot Survives Mid-Air With Jet Collision with glider forces jet’s crash-landing;

on contemporary Japanese women

Always worth your attention – neomarxisme: For a majority of the post-war, a Japanese woman’s lifestyle – fashion, makeup, hair, hobbies, general dispositions – could be almost perfectly deduced from her primary magazine of choice. The instruction and guidance are

Toyota 2000GT

DSC00756.JPG, originally uploaded by quanza. If I was very wealthy, I’d own one of these. – Mozilla

My friend Yongfook, who’s behind Pingmag, podcast network ZapZap, strange Japanese food reviews, and to-do list maker Orchestrate, has a fun group in his new sketching community: – Mozilla is asking it’s readers to sketch the Mozilla monster

Softbank Mobile and Yahoo!

Photos of the new Softbank Mobile store in Roppongi plus now phones with Yahoo! Japan built in. SoftBank opens flagship store