Month: August 2006

Akihiro Hirao, a glider pilot from Japan flying near Carson City, Nevada, survived a collision in a glider at 16,000 ft. with a Hawker XP800, a business jet. Glider Pilot Survives Mid-Air With Jet Collision with glider forces jet’s crash-landing; …

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Always worth your attention – neomarxisme: For a majority of the post-war, a Japanese woman’s lifestyle – fashion, makeup, hair, hobbies, general dispositions – could be almost perfectly deduced from her primary magazine of choice. The instruction and guidance are …

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DSC00756.JPG, originally uploaded by quanza. If I was very wealthy, I’d own one of these.

My friend Yongfook, who’s behind Pingmag, podcast network ZapZap, strange Japanese food reviews, and to-do list maker Orchestrate, has a fun group in his new sketching community: – Mozilla is asking it’s readers to sketch the Mozilla monster … – Mozilla Read More »

Photos of the new Softbank Mobile store in Roppongi plus now phones with Yahoo! Japan built in. SoftBank opens flagship store