Month: July 2006

Mozilla Japan press roundup

World Firefox Day Firefox紹介でコードに自分の名を残す Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 Firefox 2.0 β1が正式リリース 『Firefox 2.0』の第1ベータ版公開 「Firefox 2」ベータ版、週内にリリースへ 数々の新機能を搭載した「Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 1」公開 Firefox 2.0β1、今週リリース Firefox 2 ベータ 日本語版もリリース,フィッシング対策など強化 Firefox 2のβ版、正式にリリース Firefox 2.0ベータ版のレビュー Firefox market share rising ( 「Firefoxの世界シェアは12.9%に,ドイツでは39%」,OneStat.comの調査 「Firefox」の利用が世界中で再び拡大中──オランダのWeb分析会社 Firefoxのシェアが約13%に増加〜一部地域では4割に迫る Mozilla Japan

Ukraine bride hunt

Not a far leap from this (Ukraine) to this (Japan.) via MeFi background on Destina here.

Gregg Tavares on 1UP

Great interview with my friend Gregg Tavares (whom I haven’t seen in many, many months) on Gregg is one of the few foreigners working in production in the game industry in Japan and most recently worked on Loco Roco

Singapore govt. censors mrbrown

Popular Singaporean blogger, mrbrown, penned a satirical column in a major Singaporean paper, got a rebuttal from the Singaporean government, and then had his column suspended. Now the AFP and Reporters Sans Frontieres are on this case and it’s a

Tour de France

, originally uploaded by cmadrigal. Kawasaki is sponsoring the Tour de France in 2006. You will see other camera bikes, often big BMWs, in the reporting, but the official bike is Kawasaki.