MySpace Japan

Om reports that Softbank is bringing in MySpace to Japan.
This will be interesting because MySpace is much less rigid in controls for the user than Mixi, the current leader.
I think Mixi/eMercury COULD be significantly challenged by MySpace, especially if Softbank will leverage their relationship with Yahoo! Japan (I cannot imagine a scenario where they would not.)

MySpace is also launching in Japan in partnership with Softbank. The 50:50 joint venture is expected to launch sometime in September 2006.

It will be interesting to see how quickly MySpace Japan grows and whether the platform is to the taste of Japanese youth (who are less Internet savvy than their American counterparts- i.e. in terms of customizing their pages, etc.)
EDIT: A later thought that I had surrounds Mixi and the private nature of that SNS. If MySpace launches without the privacy features that Japanese Internet users want (i.e. 90% of Japanese blogs are anonymous, etc.), if MySpace Japan is merely a UTF-8 localized version without customization for the Japanese market, I don’t see them succeeding.
Japan has half the population of the US, and Mixi is less than half as large as MySpace, but it’s still a formidable competitor, moreso if they get their IPO done this year.
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4 Comments on “MySpace Japan

  1. Hello,
    Oh is this another scoop by Om? I guess the target age group of mySpace is a lot younger than mixi (18+) and there will probably be the window for the newcomer to Japan’s SNS market.

  2. Softbank and MySpace, eh.
    I guess Yahoo Japan! 360 isn’t going as planned, then.
    360 is a very lonely place compared to Mixi or even Gree at the moment.

  3. I belive that in the end myspace will prevail over the leading compaines of japan such as mixi