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  1. Gen: never mind the pneumatic aspect of Ms. Chibana (Ms. Kurara?). I’d like you to comment on the authenticity of her “traditional costume,” including perhaps a history of Samurai fishnet-stocking armor pieces in feudal Japan.
    At least it wasn’t a boring costume, I guess.

  2. Oh, one more thing: I promise not to say anything bad about any other country’s national costume attempts. I believe that link indicates just how Miss Canada lost this competition.
    But to Miss USA, I can only say try harder.

  3. Ahh! I made a mistake in my last post. Here’s Miss USA’s actual, incredibly horrifying national costume.
    Advantage, Canada (though not by much).

  4. Christian Gates says:

    Ms. Japan had by FAR the best so-called “ethnic costume”. Miss USA was horrendous (who knew that we were a nation that preferred our women to be dressed up like jockies), but note that Miss France is dressed up more or less like a Moulin Rouge tart and Miss Sweden apparently is an actual milkmaid – not a naughty milkmaid, but a real, functioning, udder-massaging milkmaid.
    I think she should have gone with the naughty valkyrie approach favored by the Rumpleminz girl (bonus points for riding the polar bear), but that’s just me. It would have at least put her on part with the Japanese naughty samurai.

  5. Ken says:

    I thought her English interview was very coached. I’ve actually worked with a few previous “Miss Japan Inernational” and “Miss Universe Japan” gals before on their responses to these questions. They usually memorize what they want to say, get nervous and mess it up big time. Chibana had no sense of articles or prepositions, which a fluent speaker would have. Kind of understandable, but it leaves me doubtful about Ms Chibana’s ‘Spanish’ and ‘Italian’ abilities.

  6. Mari says:

    Ken, do you consider yourself fluent in English? Whether Ms. Chibana’s speech was coached or not, she did not mess up… and you should give her credit for that. Besides, no native speaker will be talking about articles or prepositions… that’s too technical, and only none native speakers will be thinking about grammer skills. Also as a french speaker, her French was just fine… not perfect but anyone who understands French would understand what she was saying.

  7. Ya. I like the Miss Japan costume very much.

  8. shu says:

    hey she used to work at Goldman Sach’s company gym

  9. guillermo says:

    im mexican, im in love with kurara
    she’s the most beautiful women in the world…
    please, i need to talk with her

  10. roshan says:

    she’s the perfect…glamorous i’ve ever met…she’d have been crowned the miss universe if she was lucky…unlike the other contestants she couls speak 4 different languages…4 me she’s really the perfect girl….

  11. roshan says:

    i like the way she smiled… the way she made the spectators energetic…. I PRAY TO GOD SO THAT SHE’LL BE STAYING HAPPY THROUGHOUT HER LIFE…
    roshan soyam

  12. Gen Kanai says:

    I am the owner of this site.
    Any disrespectful comments will be deleted and the commenter will be banned.

  13. hilmy ashley says:

    u r so beautiful person including your inside soul……one word gorgeous
    hilmy ashley from malaysia to kurara chibana…miss universe 2nd place.

  14. MONICA says:


  15. kei says:

    i love Miss Chibana very much! sexy