Month: July 2006

Flip4Mac reaches 1.0

Now that Microsoft will not be supporting Window Media Player for the Mac, they are providing a free plugin to view Window Media files in Quicktime. Windows Media� Components for QuickTime

Newton vs. Origami

CNet UK does a comparison between a new Samsung Q1 UMPC (a.k.a. Microsoft’s vaunted “Origami” project) and a 10 year old Apple Newton Messagepad. Guess who wins? Apple Newton vs Samsung Q1 UMPC , Special Features at Once you

Tony Bourdain on Beirut

Bourdain’s famous restaurant, Les Halles, is 2 blocks from my family’s house in NYC. So I’ve always kept an eye on his rising career as an author and on TV. Bourdain was in Beirut when the most recent fighting broke

Kurara Chibana

At the conference today, discussion about Miss Japan winning runner-up at the Miss Universe contest came up. The joke was to have her be “SOFA Spokeswoman” for Okinawa (the discussion was about Okinawa’s difficult relationship with the US military). Someone’s

In Seattle

I’m in Seattle this week for the U.S.-Japan Leadership Program. Unfortunately, the conference is private and not bloggable, so I’m not sure what I can share online.